London 31 Jan 2019  - The National Assembly for Wales. passed a motion in favour of a second EU referendum. The joint Plaid Cymru-Welsh Government motion is calling for ‘work to start immediately preparing for a public vote'.

The votes in favour were a stark majority and representatives stressed their concerns for the looming no deal consequences also addressing during the debate the current constitutional crisis in the country.  

In the region leave votes prevailed with 53% over a 47% for remain in the EU. Wales is the UK region that has profited more than all others from EU funds: Wales currently receives around £680 million of EU funds every year , according to the Welsh Government and has been given over £4 billion of 'structural funding' since 2000.

Official reports state Wales’ contribution to the EU was £414m but it received £658m in funding: a net advantage for the region of £244m.

In 2014–2020 Wales will benefit from over £2bn of European Structural Funds investment.

In the last no confidence motion called by the Labour Party, all Plaid Cymru MPs abstained, but this recent agreement with the Welsh government would prospect a change in the support for May's coalition government; the Cardiff Parliament in fact denounced with the motion the total lack of engagement and consultation from Westminster during the Brexit negotiations.

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Welsh Assembly votes in favour of a People's vote 

Representatives highlighted constitutional crisis and urgency of Art 50 extension 

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