London 27 Nov. 2019 - The fact that the election of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen does not appear on UK media front pages gives us an idea of the level of isolation Britain is currently in.

That's the consequence of an involution spiral of politics exasperated by an electoral campaign where chances of alliances and convergences look impossible; all this makes what happens in the continent nearly irrelevant.

None of the opposition parties commented today, while election was ongoing in Strasbourg, the EU infringement procedure against British government following Boris Johnson's refusal to nominate a commissioner; an absolutely meaningless choice from the PM because, in case of exit from the EU, the nominee would only have lasted two months.

It's all part of his 'get Brexit done' propaganda: a ready to go replacement to Farage's extremism and the occupation of the leavers margins from the Labour Party where Corbyn pledged his neutrality in case of second referendum right to keep a tight grip with lefty Brexiters and eurosceptics.

Ursula von der Leyen, elected President of the European Commission. the new European Commission will officially take up its duties on 1 December 2019. (Photo Copyright © EU Commission)

Sooner or later the all of them will have to deal with von der Leyen and with a new Commission that wants to uphold the European Union values and principles beyond the often conflicting dynamics of political parties and groups. "For me,- von Der Leyen said today after winning a strong majority - these two hours go to the heart of what the European Union has always meant. It is not only about partisan politics, rules or regulations, markets or currencies. It is ultimately and above all else about people. And their aspirations. It is about people standing together for their liberty, for their values, simply for a better future". 

It seems British politicians, the good and the bad, are not giving the future relationships with their closest allies (also in terms of political groups) the importance they actually will have in the near future. 


But there's the apparent fear, now that 12th December is approaching, that speaking of foreign relations sounded too much detached from people's daily issues. After all ten years of Conservatives propaganda pitching the EU as a parassite causing poverty gave them a good advantage in the pools. It would have been more realistic to print on a bus the millions UK gets in EU funds per month.


The polls are driving consensus, they are not an index of consensus anymore, YouGove is the striking example for this. We all have to pay attention to not chase the winners but the good ones in politics and think independently from the trendy intentions of vote. 

A good quote for that comes right from today's speech:"Work for something because it is good, not just because it stands a chance to succeed." said Ursula von der Leyen recalling a sentence from Vaclav Havel, the hero of the Velvet Revolution
 that toppled communism in Czechoslovakia in 1989.  



What's happening in the EU is not in the news, 

but Britain will have to cope with that sooner or later 

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