London, 17 Sept 2020 - There’s an hidden message of England’s supremacy over Welsh, Scotland and Northern Ireland aimed at reaching the majority of Brexiters and expand Tories’ electorate in this Internal Market Bill.

That’s what looks like the underlying ‘norm’ of the Bill behind its legal inconsistency both with the British domestic law and the international one.

A reckless push toward centralisation of decision making where Westminster tries to withdraw devolved powers and reclaim its alleged right after decades to put under scrutiny mutually struck agreement and historical peace treaties such as the one with Northern Ireland.

It’s the step forward down the abyss of Brexit: now that Britain is out, how can Tories feed the hunger of English discontent? EU immigration ended, attacking immigrants from the far East would not be economically convenient, criminalising asylum seekers could be sanctioned by the UN...meanwhile the covid-19 crisis deepens.

They know their overall majority is the result of the hard sell of a fake illusion of supremacy, of a media crusade branded with England’s red cross flag. Therefore here it comes the new game of the Tory playground: the domestic Brexit. The destruction of the internal Union.

"This bill does nothing to address the issue  of transport of food from  Great Britain to Northern Ireland" said  Labour Shadow Secretary of State Ed Miliband during the debate in the House of Commons  on Monday 15 Sept 2020 

The game of the ultimate elimination probably will see the English against all if the Tories go further on the way of pursue of power at any cost.


Prominent Conservative MPs, the former attorney general Geoffrey Cox, the former prime ministers Tony Blair, John Major, Gordon Brown and even David Cameron and Theresa May are vocal opponents, plus the heads of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Northern Ireland’s governments cried out against the Bill.


An amendment tabled by MP Bob Neill (Conservative) aimed at imposing a mandatory parliamentary vote on any changes to Withdrawal Agreement with the EU is going to be voted next Tuesday 22 September.

Meanwhile the list of defections within the party grows: Rehman Chishti, Bob Neil, Geoffrey Cox, Simon Hoare, George Freeman, Tobias Ellwood, Damian Green, Damian Collins, Sir Oliver Heald, Sir Roger Gale, Gary Streeter, Rehman Chishti, Jack Lopresti, Sajid Javid, Charles Walker, Jeremy Wright, Andrew Mitchell, Ben Spencer.

Most of the British media, though giving the chance the front of the ‘rebel’ Conservative MPs could grow larger, foresee the Bill passing.

When Brexit goes domestic: the Internal Market Bill could be the ultimate Tory power grab destroying the UK

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