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Rome, 8 August 2019 - It's late evening when Italian premier Giuseppe Conte appears stressed, but with neat appearance in front of cameras. In his live broadcast speech to the press, and to the nation, he makes clear he won't resign, like far-right Interior minster Salvini wanted. Italian PM will instead submit the Lega-5SM coalition government crisis to the Houses of Parliament. 

"I have made it clear to Salvini I will manage to make of this crisis the most transparent of the history of our republic that's why I will contact presidents of Chamber of Deputies and Senate so they will reopen for consultations".

Conte, a law professor close to Five Star Movement often acted as a referee between the two parties of the coalition which on many issues had opposed stances and consequent vote in the Parliament. The latest yesterday on Tav, high speed railway due to connect Italy to France, has been lethal: as cried out by the opposition, the government lost majority as the 'yellow' populists voted against the right 'green'. 

Soon after shark Salvini understood it was time to make the most of 37.7% of Lega on the latest polls (Tecne') and bite the sinking rubber boat of a coalition weak on reforms.

Conte in his speech carefully read from some sheets of paper without losing his usual diplomacy and balance, called this "capitalise".

"I was told this afternoon by minister Salvini about his intention to stop this experience of government and that he wants to go to new elections to capitalise consensus his party (ie Lega Nord) currently gained".

But then he added a bitter note that might poison shark Salvini before the pragmatic newcomers and poorly political expert 5Star MPs get mauled: the "Russian inquires".

"As I have previously made clear in my informative at the Senate over the Russian inquiries, I do not personally consider confrontation between the Government and Parliament an unpleasant tinsel, but the real essence of our democratic system", said Conte.

Weird, exhuming the uncomfortable Russian scandal of alleged illegal funds from Putin to Salvini's Lega right the day he opens his jaws to ask Conte's resignations. A toothpick in the sharp teeth just to remind the black shark that right the premier used his tactic diplomacy to divert dissent when Salvini refused to go to report in the Parliament on the Russia gate. 

Now that the far-right leader is calling MPs to roll up their sleeves and get back from their holidays to reopen the Parliament in this midsummer crisis nightmare, the premier is reminding it's time, also, to reopen the gate as "in the Parliament we will say the truth and won't hide behind rhetoric and mediatic slogan".

What Russia has to do with upcoming Italian elections? you might ask. But when it comes to elections, Putin is always there, swimming below the surface.

Emy Muzzi


Italy's midsummer crisis nightmare: 

rubber boat of coalition far-right populists sinks among sharks and Russian inquiries