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London 31 August 2019 - Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Sheffield, Winchester, Portsmouth, Liverpool and 74 more locations included Belfast and Dublin. Across the continent British citizens are gathering outside embassies in Copenhagen and Riga. In Amsterdam the 'Anti prorogation protest' is in Dam Square, in Berlin by the Brandenburg Gate, in France by the ferry embankment in Port du Bloscon: click on map below. 

They are thousands and thousands. The 'opening' of last Wednesday paved the way to a mass protest against Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to close the Parliament for five weeks until the Queen's Speech next 14th of October. The Parliament prorogation has been done with the goal of exiting the EU with no-deal; this de facto will put Britain into such economic hardship, financial downturn and social unrest that would be easier for the unelected Tory elite to establish a regime of control. A closure that in fact protesters called a coup d'état and already held as unconstitutional by the shadow attorney general for England and Wales Shami Chakrabarti. 

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday on Twitter called people to join the marches: people answered and even BBC News this time reported they flocked in thousands across the country. The Labour leader spoke in Glasgow, where Friday night clashes between groups of Irish r
epublicans and loyalists provoked the intervention of the riot police.

It is unclear whether the decision of 50 MPs to convene an alternative Parliament during the closure will be also joined by the Labour leadership. In a cross-party move Labour, Scottish National Party, Liberal Democrats, Change UK, Plaid Cymru MPs and some Conservative defectors, announced they will hold a sitting regardless of House of Commons closure, the Guardian reports. Among them Labour MP David Lammy, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson, Green party MP Caroline Lucas and Conservative MPs Antoinette Sandbach and Guto Bebb.

Interviews from the rally in London 31 st August 2019 © Talkeurope.org 2019 


A matter of numbers. at least 3.000 gathered on Wednesday against Parliament shut down photos and videos show

London, 29 August 2019  - At least three thousands (3.000) is the number of people gathered Wednesday in Parliament Sq in London to spontaneously protest against British PM Boris Johnson's  decision to shut down the Parliament. 

While some mainstream media reported they were few hundreds, videos, also posted on social media, prove the bigger size of the unscheduled rally.

What is relevant to stress is spontaneous rallies, not pre-organised, nor exploited by any political party, organisation or particular group, but simply gathering individuals through social media, mainly Twitter, date back to the riots in 2011, and to the peaceful and quiet events that grew bigger and finally ended in widespread violence.     

A widespread sense of concern and growing angriness was the main perception of people at the rally who expressed through slogans and placards their immediate reaction to an attack to democracy and freedom.


Photos and video of the rally in London on Wednesday 28 August 2019 © Talkeurope.org 2019 

The unannounced rally will be the first of a long series, some protesters said to us: "the formal opposition needs to step up; the people are now the opposition". 

"It is a coup d'état; it is the beginning. This is a small feeler that has been put out to test the waters, to see how we react - says one young man - if we do not stand up now to prevent this from escalating  any further, then they can only do more and more severe things, this is a feeler to see how far they can get away with beyond Brexit"

Meanwhile petition against the Prime Minister to stop Parliament prorogation reached over one and a half million signatures asking: Parliament must not be prorogued or dissolved unless and until the Article 50 period has been sufficiently extended or the UK's intention to withdraw from the EU has been cancelled.

From London to Berlin the protest turns cross-border: 82 rallies against Parliament shutdown.  British citizens gathering outside embassies. 

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