Something is telling us we have to convert our wartime production line into a peacetime one  

This is the time to do it as we will never have financial compensation once again

London, 21 March 2020 - Leaders over these days of emergency are talking about economy conversion from peace to war, implying that in order to tackle the ongoing pandemic, manufacturers should shift their production lines to what is urgently needed to hospitals to treat covid19 most serious cases and save lives: respiratory ventilators and intensive care units.


In the worst case scenario the NHS will need 20,000 more ventilators as now nearly 5000 adult ventilators and 900 for children are available in critical care facilities, BBC reports.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson compared the effort needed to what Great Britain did during WWII switching production from peace times to war and building the spitfires aircraft.

From a wartime polluting economy to a clean one.  Weapons, oil, aircraft manufacturers should switch their lines to the ones of a peacetime economy now that production is suspended and national and international support is available to fill the gap  and losses.  

It's dark now that the dreamy era of consumerism

is fading away 

British retailers are concerned: the drop in sales reached 8.9% the lowest since 2008's financial crisis. But why after all should we buy? Especially when many of us are saving for the essentials. There's also a deep change of attitude towards consumerism itself. Maybe we are going through a collective change of mind which will lead us to a new era of awareness where inclusion and identity are no longer based on how you look or what you own, but on the level of creative participation to make a change in our society.

London 1 September 2019 - Visitors of British Museum didn't know about it yet: Greek government launched an ultimatum to get the friezes, pediments and metopes of the Parthenon back to Athens. The latest news on the contended Elgin Marbles comes from the Observer where on Sunday the Greek Prime Minister ​Kyriakos Mitsotakis spelt his stony words: "I don't think Britain should fight a loosing battle. Eventually this will be a loosing battle.


It definitely sounds like an out-out, now facilitated by the context of Brexit. 

Greece wants the Parthenon Marbles back: 

and now it's battle between Centaurs and Lapiths

London, 21 Dec. 2019 - The Home Office knows well that it's  enough to check the National Insurance Number to get confirmation a person is resident in the UK from more than five years. Contributions show if one is active or not.

The request of continuity of contributions for granting settled status is a useless measure of vexation Tories used to gain votes. Now that they have obtained an overwhelming majority using a set of anti immigration propaganda and blaming the bloody French, Italian, German and primarily the East Europeans for stealing British jobs, time has come to leave the EU citizens in peace and follow the good path indicated by the Labour Movement for Europe: "EU Citizens In UK Should Automatically Be Given Right To Stay"

The petition is on. Thousands of signatures per hour. The officials might question the request of changing the application system into a simple registration in due course, as this could create imbalances...

Give EU citizens automatic right to stay. Labour for Europe launches the petition

Brussels - The ten single-use plastic items most commonly found on European beaches are now banned. These items represent 86% of all single-use plastic found on beaches, and about half of all plastic marine litter. The new Directive includes a ban on straws, cotton swabs made from plastic, plastic plates and cutlery, plastic coffee stirrers and plastic balloon holders. Beverage bottles and other plastic mono-use will have to be collected separately at a rate of 90% by 2029 (77% by 2025).

According to the new legislation, EU member states must reduce the consumption of plastic food containers and cups used for beverages, over the next six years.

A relevant part of the new legislation will make producers directly responsible for pollution related to tobacco products with filters, wet wipes, balloons and fishing gear. 

In addition to the ban, the Directive introduces m
easures to reduce consumption of food containers and beverage cups made of plastic and specific marking and labelling of certain products, the introduction of design requirements to connect caps to bottles, as well as target to incorporate 25% of recycled plastic in PET bottles as from 2025 and 30% in all plastic bottles as from 2030.

The Directive aims to avoid the emission of 3.4 million tons of CO2 equivalent; avoid environmental damages which would cost the equivalent of €22 billion by 2030; save consumers a projected €6.5 billion. 

Alarming figures:

Every year 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans.

At least 100.000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement and the figure refers to the ones found only.

The costs of environmental damage attributed to plastic pollution in Europe is estimated at €22 billion by 2030.


Plastic: the only solution is ban.

EU 'single-use' Directive is set to reduce environmental damage in Europe 

how to save Europe from itself in 270 pages 
by Niccolo' Milanese  

Another Europe is Possible, The3million and 

British in Europe launch 'Let us vote'. Alena Ivanova explains why foreign residents in UK must have the right to vote

London - Undemocratic, this is the right word describing the British electoral system which excludes its citizens living abroad and EU citizens in UK from general elections. Look at the electoral register and see people from Antigua, Bahamas, Botswana, Zimbabwe and all the Commonwealth countries can have their say on who rule the UK.


The ‘post-imperial’ electoral system gives ex colonies citizens the right to vote in the country which once exploited their own, and this is absolutely right and fair. But it is utterly unjust citizens from the neighbouring countries living in the UK and the British abroad (who lose the right to vote after a number of years) are excluded from the democratic process by the law since 1969. Why? Is it just for chance or this is the result of the British crossparty establishment's 'domestic defence policy'?


The fight for a truly democratic Britain has just started.

Expats and EU citizens must have the right to vote


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