The new Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill, or 'opt-out’ bill  prescribes 'If there is no recorded decision for you on the NHS Organ Donor Register, it will be considered that you agree to be an organ donor when you die'. The law will come into force from spring 2020.

This corresponds to silent assent, which we consider immoral and dangerous

The law de facto voids the green option as automatically you will be registered as donor. You will be only able to opt out 

It is also incorrect and coercitive to state: after your death
"Choose this option to record a decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register NOT to donate your organs and tissue after your death. Please tell your family about your decision".

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London - “If there is no recorded decision for you on the NHS Organ Donor Register, it will be considered that you agree to be an organ donor when you die”. These are the words published on NHS site announcing the new law by which we all are organ donors unless we declare the opposite.

We all should be ashamed of the country we live in and concerned about the new law coming into force from spring 2020: “all adults in England will be considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups. This is commonly referred to as an ‘opt out’ system or presumed consent. You may also hear it referred to as 'Max and Keira's Law', probably to soften the actual dramatic impact of the silent assent which makes you an organ donor without your consent.

Everybody has to get informed about the fact in order for an organ to be transplanted the donor has to be still alive, that means in a coma, brain dead or judged by medics as dying, therefore the words "when you die" to encourage unaware people to agree to donation are a blatant and dangerous lie.

This new scandalous law which got Royal Assent last March 15 2019 as Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill 2017-19, or 'opt-out’ billbetrays the will and dignity of the human and of the right to life of the person.

Donating owns organs MUST be a decision. A positive decision. That means a person must be given the chance to decide to be an organ donor and therefore this decision be recorded. This law, instead, imposes the SILENT ASSENT: you are an organ donor regardless of your will, but you are given the chance to opt out. Plus the opt out is not in writing, but through a phone call: where is the evidence of the opt out recorded then? Will this remain ‘private’ and only shareable among medics? If this is the case we are in danger.

"Your organ will be donated when you die". This NHS statement gives wrong information suggesting an individual will have organs transplanted after death. No organs can be useful and transplanted after a body is dead. These have to be taken out while you are still alive. The definition and declaration of a patient as dying relies squarely on medics.

'Organ donation is an act of generosity": this means you take the risk of giving up a chance you life goes on or to be saved or that medics will do everything to save your life. Why? Because medical doctors are aware of the dramatic urgency and need for organ donations and, based on their own personal ethics, they might decide to sacrifice your life to save a younger one (without your consent).

Families: “Adults covered by the change in the law will still have a choice about whether they want to be an organ donor and their families will be consulted about donating their organs when they die”. NHS states. Apart form the ambiguity of the statement, families shouldn’t be consulted on organ donation in all circumstances; there might be cases in which an elderly life is in danger and those entitled to an inheritance might have interest in ending the life of that person earlier taking the chance of the ‘generous’ organ donation. This might be one of the many cases in which this choice should not be given to third parties, especially family members.

And, yet, we are not addressing issues of horrific illegal human organ traffic and the trillions related to organ donations in the private sector. According to official NHS figures “There are currently around 6,000 people on the UK Transplant Waiting List. Last year over 400 people died while waiting for a transplant". The ‘opt out system’ will not come into effect until spring 2020. The exact date of when the new system will be implemented has not yet been confirmed by Government.

Passing a ‘silent assent’ law is scandalous and requires immediate action at all levels of British society.

Did you know you're an organ donor unless you opt out?

The shameful new law tells you the organs being taken 'after your death',

but this is a lie.