This vote marks the end of the People’s vote because millions of British voters will no longer be interested in supporting a second referendum if they will be allowed to freely travel across EU. Even if the Schengen free zone does not allow third countries’ citizens to work within the EU, this will affect altogether the fight for a second referendum which was the only chance to remain in the EU.


It is a concession, not yet approved by the European Parliament, asking reciprocity. But why a reckless government which is currently enabling hostile environment against EU citizens should reciprocate this?


This committee expressed an unanimous will which does not represents and damages the EU citizens in the UK, because discrimination and exclusion from the job market are taking place, plus they are threatening Europeans legally residents in UK from decades by not recognising their rights of residency, which is a pure instrumental mean for forced returns/deportations.


Until the UK does not respect and defend EU citizens already living in the country the European Union institutions should not grant anything to the UK and its citizens.

This vote, even if reciprocated, is a long term damage showing what EU priorities and interest actually are: the UK out, peacefully. Such a blow  can only be the result of a policy of complacency with the UK's interests at the cost of EU citizens who are not represented by anybody. 

LIBE Committee votes in favour of Visa-Free Access for UK Citizens travelling to EU

(in case of reciprocity) A blow from Brussels to the People's vote