Paolo Gentiloni, new EU Commissioner for tax and Economic Affairs  VIDEO  © EP  European Union  

Tony Lloyd, (Labour) Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

 DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds MP for Belfast North. 

London 21 Oct. 2019 - It's the day Northern Ireland is asking for devolution of powers. The day when it's getting increasingly clear Brexit has already dramatically impacted the Good Friday Agreement and it is dangerously threatening peace.

"Is the Secretary of State certain we have already in preparation the necessary legislative changes to bring before this House in the event of no deal? - asks Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Tony Lloyd - But even in case of a Brexit deal, is he [Secretary of State] satisfied that the Northern Ireland civil services on the legislation that exist has the necessary authority to make very difficult decisions they, and indeed other agencies, may have to make as we move through Brexit process?".

"And in particular - Lloyd adds - can he ensure the House that the police service in NI has the resources in the event of any form of civil disturbances? I do not want to emphasise what kind of civil disturbances they could be, but we might face prolonged public unrest. And does he rule out, as we have in the past any idea that the army could be once again recommitted in Norther Ireland?"

DUP, said already will not back Johnson's deal: Westminster leader Nigel Dodds' tough statement opposes the simple majority vote in the Stormont Assembly which will not require the support of a majority of unionists who will not have the veto power.

Dodds asked for powers devolution to Stormont in order for NI to be able to take decisions on "education crime policing...with Brexit coming in we have to have powers in the hands of ministers whether in the Assembly or here".

Paolo Gentiloni, new EU Commissioner for tax and Economic Affairs  VIDEO  © EP  European Union  

Sir Oliver Letwin explains his amendment aimed at avoiding crushing out of the EU with no deal and makes it straight forward the application of the Benn Act asking an extension.

Relevant: SNP Ian Blackford calls for general elections and Scottish Independence without giving priority to the People's Vote as he instead has been doing over the past months. 

Labour MP Hilary Benn said the only compromise is a second referendum. "It is fundamental to our democracy that when the facts change , events change or time passes we should have the opportunity to change our mind"

Letwin amendment passed Commons vote with a wide majority of 322 to 306

The Rally #PeoplesVoteMarch

Organisers say one million marched from Hyde Park Corner to Parliament Square: aerial footage show not just the main rally, but all the side streets were packed. Beyond the huge numbers, what counts is now Labour Party clearly stated its commitment to supporting a second referendum though a no-confidence vote could lead to general elections.

The fact a 'People's vote' might come after new elections is suggested by the SNP apparent shift from  a second Brexit referendum as absolute priority to a call for new polls as first step for a second Scottish independence referendum which now could instead be successful because the independence would guarantee Scotland staying in the EU. 

The endless crowd shouted with joy soon after MPs passed Letwin's amendment which will force PM to ask EU the Brexit delay,   

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson spoke at the rally after the Commons vote, giving new hope a second referendum can stop Brexit.

Johnson sent EU unsigned letter trying to invalidate 

extension request

Northern Ireland asks for powers to face Brexit
and the key words are unrest and policing