London, 21 Dec. 2019 - The Home Office knows well that it's enough to check the National Insurance Number to get confirmation  a person is resident in the UK from more than five years. Contributions show if one is active or not. 


The request of continuity of contributions for granting settled status is a useless measure of vexation Tories used to gain votes. Now that they have obtained an overwhelming majority using a set of anti immigration propaganda and blaming the bloody French, Italian, German and primarily the East Europeans for stealing British jobs, time has come to leave the EU citizens in peace and follow the good path indicated by the Labour Movement for Europe: "EU Citizens In UK Should Automatically Be Given Right To Stay"

The petition is on. Thousands of signatures per hour. The officials might question the request of changing the application system into a simple registration in due course, as this could create imbalances. The answer is simple: when a system is wrong and unfair you must change it, full stop. Before 2016 no European living in the UK were aware one day the Home Office would ask for contributions record of proves of residency. A different thing is registration of those who are coming to Britain after Brexit and asking pre-settled status because they are fully aware and responsible for their choice of migrating to an extra European country.  


"We do not want a second Windrush scandal. Human rights organisations have warned that the government’s settled status programme is a ticking time bomb. If just 5% of EU nationals fail to register before the cut-off 200,000 EU nationals could be left without status." the petition says.


"As to October 2019 40% of applicants were only given ‘pre-settled status.’ This allows this group to stay in the UK for five more years, at the end of which they will face another cliff edge and have to apply again for settled status.

The government’s security minister, Brandon Lewis, has threatened EU citizens with deportation if they fail to be given settled or pre-settled status by the end of 2020, despite there already being a backlog of 500,000 unresolved cases and many EU citizens living in the UK unaware of having to apply in the first place.

The government’s EU Settlement Scheme should be replaced by granting EU nationals in the UK the automatic right to continue living and working here. This would help foster good relations with the European Union and help ensure reciprocal treatment for the 1.3 million UK citizens living in the rest of Europe.

Giving the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK the automatic right to stay would also help improve trust between them and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after he recently and completely unacceptably said they had been able to “treat the UK as if it’s part of their own country” for too long. EU citizens have made a massive contribution to UK society. We call on the Prime Minister to end the uncertainty and anxiety facing EU citizens in the UK, by automatically giving them the right to stay".


Labour for Europe launches the petition: give EU citizens automatic right to stay