From the heart of Camden Market, Jo Swinson launches officially the LibDems Manifesto. The title is #BrighterFuture trending on Twitter and the core message is STOP BREXIT printed in capital letters on the wall of the nightclub in the Camden Stalls and repeated crystal clear by the LibDem leader also tonight. "In this elections the future of the country is at stake" she said making clear Boris Johnson or either Jeremy Corbyn are both leavers and do not represent an alternative for the country.


Speaking to a crowd of supporters and media, the speech is broadcast live, she points at families and children: "we live in a country where school need to collect funds to cope with meals". In the LibDems Manifesto 1bln pounds a year to invest in children's centres and a new fund to schools to hire 20.000 new teachers to reduce classes numbers.

Swinson launches the clear and optimistic message that defeating Boris Johnson is possible by filling in the gap of votes from those who, despite positions on Brexit, might fear a further radicalisation of politics or might not trust him as Prime Minister.

Any gap LibDem might fill in and grow further form its current 18% (figures YouGov) will likely come from the Labour because of Corbyn's and leadership position de facto neutral (or leaning for) Brexit.




If you want to stop Brexit and the Tories you have to vote Lib Dem Jo Swinson says 

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