London, 1st December 2019 - When you open your door in the bleak midwinter and you find yourself in front of Hugh Grant, well, it’s that warm shiver that makes you forget even the minus two degrees outside.

Some of the lucky North Finchley residents surely have felt like that when he knocked at their door to support Luciana Berger and to explain that tactical voting is the only way out of a Tory government and a dangerous no deal Brexit.


Outside Britain he is the beautiful actor, here is much more: ‘HackedOffHugh’ as he renamed himself on Twitter, is the victim of the predatory culture promoted by the Tories over the last nine years, the living symbol of the lowest level reached by Murdoch-made-tabloids, the ones we have to take to account for the daily Tory propaganda.

All that changed our light perception of his beauty and turned it into a staid sentiment of fairness which goes beyond his identity of actor.

After all almost ten years of Tories have deprived us all of our true identity and divided us into medieval factions: blue and stars painted faces vs the union jack tatoos in the most unexpected parts of the body.

Over these short and dark days voters can leave banners and placards home. It’s too cold now for passionate ideologies. It’s time for tactical voting in favour of the candidate with more chances to unseat the Tories. Here, in Finchley and Golders Green, is the LibDem Luciana Berger (YouGov: 46 Cons% LibDem 32% Labour 19%). And there’s a reason for that: the accuse of antisemitism to the Labour Party penalised Ross Houston, even though Corbyn's wife personally supported him and even though he is a Jewish candidate in an area which has a high percentages of Jewish communities, and this is a fact, regardless antisemitism in the party was true or just a Tory-made campaign to divert the attention from their anti-Muslim stances.

Now, more than ever, is the time of the cold calculation and it might seem paradoxical that a global celebrity, icon of physical and irrational attraction, asked us to decide on our future by using our rationality: we should count percentages before casting our vote and give up our need to cross against the symbol of our ideals or desire for a better social status.

There’s no contradiction at all, instead: Hugh Grant is fighting against the commercialisation and distortion of the notion of ‘beauty’, ‘entertainment’ and ‘news’, that’s why he is the right one who can appeal to our cold rationality, the one able to bring down the curtains and show the unlit backstage where powerful lobbies and media create the fairytales of collective distraction.

He did not act in a role asking us of restoring decent politics in this country. He has done exactly the opposite: he is asking us to act. HackedOffHugh is asking us to make justice through the only mean we have as citizens: the right to vote.


Now it's up to you to act because 'Hacked Off' Hugh

is asking to vote rationally

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