London, 1st July 2020 - The following day of the approval of a controversial immigration Law which “will ensure immigrants will enter Britain on the base of their skills and not of nationality”, the Tory led government announced it will offer 3million UK passports to Hong Kong citizens.

Though, apparently, the move expresses solidarity to the former British colony revolting against Chinese regime imposing a new security law to tighten control, in reality the generous offer turns out to be a new Conservative domestic political strategy to obtain new fresh votes:

3 million new British citizens defecting from China and favourable to Britain under which rule they lived in relative freedom will be ready to express their gratitude to the Tories on a ballot paper.

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You might think, now, that the welcomed and certainly positive move is motivated by anti-China stances. "There's a need to shift our whole stance on China because for 20 years we've hoped that by engaging more with China, we could come to an understanding with them...They're on a very aggressive path", said today to BBC Tory MP Neil O'Brien from the China Research Group while videos of Chinese police using tear gas and water cannons against protesters in Hong Kong spark rage on social media.


But this change will be substantiated only by a consistent shift in the foreign and trade  relations between UK and China. British government is reported as changing plans on G5 ‘risky’ suppliers: a new bill to regulate 5G supply is due to be introduced over this month. Huawei is the core of the debate.

At present, while the people of Hong Kong are still fighting in the streets shielding themselves form tear gas and water cannons behind umbrellas, UK’s position towards the oriental red dragon is still exposed to the risky G5 suppliers with no shields against foreign (or domestic) states surveillance.

At that point, when a new law will prevent a regime from exerting such an influence on a democracy, it will be clear whether 3million citizenship offer to Hongkongers was the answer to the drop of Tories electoral consensus or a true foreign policy stance in support of human rights.

3million passports to Hongkongers : generosity, need of fresh votes or a slam to Beijing?

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