London, 1 April 2020 - Today Tory led British government announced that 2.000 NHS staff have been tested for coronavirus. In order to understand the irrelevance of the figure we have to think that the total number of NHS staff is around 1.5 million.

Since the pandemic is hitting  the country, doctors and nurses are saving lives on the frontline without being tested and with no protective equipment risking to get the virus and die. Four of them so far lost their lives on the battlefield after getting infected in the hospital environment. The simple fact that hospitals in the UK, and in England in particular, are places where contagion is spreading, therefore dangerous places, is a scandal, a plague itself.

A wide program of testing NHS staff has been launched, in words, but not yet implemented in facts. Test kits are available, but there’s a problem of lack of trained staff able to take the test correctly because if not taken and processed in the right way the test could result negative even in case a patient is infected and this is highly risky as might worsen the widespread contageon. A number of British tabloids reported coronavirus testing kits made in Britain are being sold overseas as the UK does not have enough laboratories, a biotechnology company to process analyses in England in particular

What's happening in the EU is not in the news, 

but Britain will have to cope with that sooner or later 

Ursula von der Leyen, elected President of the European Commission. the new European Commission will officially take up its duties on 1 December 2019. (Photo Copyright © EU Commission)

London 27 Nov. 2019 - The fact that the election of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen does not appear on UK media front pages gives us an idea of the level of isolation Britain is currently in. That's the consequence of an involution spiral of politics exasperated by an electoral campaign where chances of alliances and convergences look impossible; all this makes what happens in the continent nearly irrelevant.

None of the opposition parties commented today, while election was ongoing in Strasbourg, the EU infringement procedure against British government following Boris Johnson's refusal to nominate a commissioner; an absolutely meaningless choice from the PM because, in case of exit from the EU, the nominee would only have lasted two months.

It's all part of his 'get Brexit done' propaganda: a ready to go replacement to Farage's extremism and the occupation of the leavers margins from the Labour Party where Corbyn pledged his neutrality in case of second referendum right to keep a tight grip with lefty Brexiters and eurosceptics.

London - Darwinism and evolution as exclusive result of natural selection is a theory that typically to some British elites. Tories love this view rooted in the past and now muted into their main ideology which is, in fact, racism resulting into marginalisation and contempt for the weaker part of the society, ethic minorities, the poor, the homeless.


No surprise, then, that Tory best ‘treatment’ of COVID_19 is delegating the whole mess to the pitiless Mother Nature: the stronger will survive in the first season while the weaker will die, and next year those who became immune will protect the others from the virus, next year.


The British population will now be considered as mice for the mass ‘herd immunisation experiment’ allowing them to freely enjoy the early spring coughing under blossoming trees and ‘impollinating’ their siblings with the deadly coronavirus so celebrating the love season, probably their last one.


In fact if the 60% (36mln) of population resists and the herd immunisation is successful, the majority of British next year will be a race stronger than others, because, instead of waiting for the vaccine (ready probably in ten months) like the rest of the world, the British only would have made a ‘natural step forward’. Maybe they want to set a new strain of political science, or better, science subdued to political purposes.


That our destiny of citizens is ruled by a bounch of bananas selected by the gene of irresponsibility became apparent years ago. Now situation has worsened.


In fact


1) There is no evidence that if you get infected once you’ll become immune from reinfection and there’s also the risk that coronavirus can mutate in a second more aggressive generation.


2) It makes no sense getting the virus and become immune for next season because a vaccine will be available in one year at the latest. The only reason why British can’t access the vaccine is that they will be out of the EU (likely with no agreement) at that time.


3) As a consequence of this Darwinian experiment hundreds of thousands will die. Now, today (Sunday 15 March 2020), the Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated that the over 70s as category more at risk, will be mandatory isolated for at least ten weeks, but this won’t happen now.


Tories can’t sustain they could not have foreseen the high number of deaths as we all see the trend of the wave of coronavirus in other countries previously hit.


Also the excuse used by the government that people would not stick to the restrictive rules of total isolation if these would be introduced too early, is a lie. It’s self evident: in Italy (a country immune to whatever lawful restriction) harsh penalties have been imposed and all citizens are now diligently abiding by the total isolation rule which creatively exploded in a choral sentiment of community resounding in traditional songs echoed form one balcony to the other. Let’s see what British will make of their own isolation...


Here a silent cynicism saddens us all while looking at the nearly empty streets from behind the curtains (sign wise people do not listen to Tories’ bananas).


Tories know NHS could not cope, therefore they delegated to citizens coping with a high number of dead, simulating this has been planned by post-darwinian government’s scientists.


They are subtlie communicators of lies and political strategy builders: they know electorate will turn their backs on them soon after this tragedy. But at that point the government will have an excuse: ‘we told you this earlier, we knew that, it was our strategy to tackle the virus’; which is much better than being unmasked for what they have actually done: selling off NHS, not investing in healthcare until the last minute budget, and the Brexit of Johnson’s NHS 350mln bus-lie with relative flee of hundreds of thousands of nurses and doctors which reduced Britain without a decent healthcare system.


Politics first, their seats at Commons first, their Conservative party first, their own private healthcare first, their own lives first. ‘British first’ was only the label of their propaganda branded with a misused British flag.

When a Prime Minister says to the country “your loved ones will die”, when a government by choice is not protecting its citizens, but on the contrary is intentionally exposing them to a deadly mass infection, this euquate to a mass intimidation, because it weakens millions of people and puts them in a condition of desperate need for assistance: how will they survive, get a treatment or a bed in a hospital, how they will work, earn money, pay the rent, look after kids, pay taxes? We all will be in a condition of dependency and this empowers the establishment by growing exponentially the level of control on the society.


The urgent actions Tories have taken so far are: enunciating a ridiculous herd immunity plan, scheduling isolation for over 70s to an unknown date, suggesting those with symptoms from coronavirus to stay home.


But, oh wait, the most relevant safety measure, for them, taken urgently, is postponing local elections. But not until this Autumn, like all the other countries, such as Italy for instance; nooooooo, that’s too early! Tories need time to rebuild their lies-machine and make-up their faces once again after this upcoming decimation. The local elections are in fact postponed to next year!

Emy Muzzi

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Darwin, mice and coronavirus: a Tory-made strategy of science slaved to politics

Cynicism from the government while the tragedy unfolds  

London, 21 Dec. 2019 - The Home Office knows well that it's  enough to check the National Insurance Number to get confirmation a person is resident in the UK from more than five years. Contributions show if one is active or not.

The request of continuity of contributions for granting settled status is a useless measure of vexation Tories used to gain votes. Now that they have obtained an overwhelming majority using a set of anti immigration propaganda and blaming the bloody French, Italian, German and primarily the East Europeans for stealing British jobs, time has come to leave the EU citizens in peace and follow the good path indicated by the Labour Movement for Europe: "EU Citizens In UK Should Automatically Be Given Right To Stay"

The petition is on. Thousands of signatures per hour. The officials might question the request of changing the application system into a simple registration in due course, as this could create imbalances...

Give EU citizens automatic right to stay 

Labour for Europe launches the petition

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