London 24 Sept 2019 - There are many statements of Supreme's Court of Justice's verdict handed down today that make of it an historic one. The crucial one is: the power to prorogue cannot be unlimited.

1) Although the United Kingdom does not have a single document entitled “The Constitution”, it nevertheless possesses a Constitution, established over the course of our history by common law, statutes, conventions and practice. Since it has not been codified, it has developed pragmatically, and remains sufficiently flexible to be capable of further development.

2) The legal principles of the constitution are not confined to statutory rules, but include constitutional principles developed by the common law [...] Such principles are not confined to the protection of individual rights, but include principles concerning the conduct of public bodies and the relationships between them.

3) [...] the effect which the courts have given to Parliamentary sovereignty is not confined to recognising the status of the legislation enacted by the Crown in Parliament as our highest form of law.

4) An unlimited power of prorogation would therefore be incompatible with the legal principle of Parliamentary sovereignty...the power to prorogue cannot be unlimited.

On the day of verdict against Parliament shutdown, MPs are busier than ever: Mr Steve Bray, leading the permanent anti Brexit protest outside Parliament, said even the Speaker John Bercow was in. 

Johnson lost twice in Miller and Cherry cases.
Parliament reopens the day after the historic verdict  

London, 7 Sept. 2019 - Rome, Verona, Turin, Milan, Pisa...British citizens in Italy today joined their voices to the ones in other European cities such as Berlin. They have come together to show their solidarity with the protests in the UK.  

They are extremely concerned by the prorogation of Parliament at such a crucial time in British politics. "We continue to feel extremely anxious about the impact which Brexit would have on our lives, especially a no-deal. We therefore came together today in Rome to take photographs and talk about our situation" they said on a joint statement.

"I am here today because I think if you overrule democracy once then you can do it at any point in the future and that's something that leave voters have to realise as well", says Zoe who lives in Rome. 

"My wife's right to continue to have access to healthcare and pension is directly threatened" said Peter, while Georgina, in Rome since 1970, explains "Our ambassador Jill Morris has invited us for talks, she explained things would hopefully be sorted out, but with a no-deal Brexit we are not at all sure".


British in Italy voice their concerns on Parliament prorogation
and no-deal: video and photo from Rome 

London 31 August 2019 - The unannounced rally will be the first of a long series, some protesters said to us: "the formal opposition needs to step up; the people are now the opposition". 

"It is a coup d'état; it is the beginning. This is a small feeler that has been put out to test the waters, to see how we react - says one young man - if we do not stand up now to prevent this from escalating  any further, then they can only do more and more severe things, this is a feeler to see how far they can get away with beyond Brexit"

Meanwhile a petition against the Prime Minister to stop Parliament prorogation reached over one and a half million signatures asking: Parliament must not be prorogued or dissolved unless and until the Article 50 period has been sufficiently extended or the UK's intention to withdraw from the EU has been cancelled.

From London to Berlin the protest turns cross-border: 82 rallies against Parliament shutdown.  British citizens gathering outside embassies. 

London, 13 August 2019 - It's right to be concerned about populism and rising of far-right across Europe. But this is useless, unless we understand populism as a political behaviour (and not as ideology) and identify the crisis of the left political parties as the deepest crack weakening our political structures, as this lies behind the massive swift of votes towards the right.

Let's start from Italy, the most recent crisis we are witnessing, with far right Lega reaching 36% (Ipsos Mori) and now marching towards snap elections on the rhythm of a populist style electoral beach tour, a way to widen Lega’s consensus by expanding into declining 5Star Movement area of voters. After one year coalition government with populist 5Star, Salvini decided to break the so called ‘contract’ by taking immediate advantage of a lost majority at the Senate: the left opposition PD (Democratic Party) voted in support of the far-right Salvini backing Tav (high speed railway project connecting Italy to France) while, as expected, 5Star who always opposed it, voted against.

But why Italian Dems who had always opposed Tav suddenly changed their minds? The answer is obviously this: they took the chance of the vote to divide the coalition, trigger a government crisis and go to new elections as confirmed by current PD leader Zingaretti. But former PM Matteo Renzi, who leads an influent fringe within the party, came out from the backstage to revive the traditional infighting fractionism of Dems by saying it would be crazy going to snap election before the government set 2020 budget to be discussed within next 19 October.

The lefty crisis in Western Europe: aerial view

London 13 June - A non elected minority government with no Prime Minister led by a party at 9% in the latest polls and without a leader, is shutting down the Parliament over the summer to drag Britain out of the EU by abusing the result of an advisory referendum held in 2016. This is happening today in what is considered an advanced European democracy.

A similar event in Hungary, Turkey or some Latin American countries would be immediately held by the international community as coup d'état. But, as the United Kingdom has a long standing democratic history, nobody expresses concerns (the union jack brand reputation holds...). 

Tories prevailed by a bunch of votes, 309 to 298, blocking what Keir Starmer put forward as a genuinely cross-party motion of the opposition asking Parliament's works to go on over the next weeks in order to prevent a no-deal Brexit. As a justification for hampering the Commons from having a say, Conservatives MPs mentioned the impossibility to go back to any negotiation before new European Parliament legislature will restart ​end October.

Keir Starmer, Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, while putting forward a cross-party motion asking a new parliamentary vote to avoid a dangerous exit from the EU without a deal

Over one million. The historic march for democracy forces MPs to face the reality: Britain needs to vote again on Brexit. Interviews make clear people's concerns over compromised democratic guarantees.

London 23 March 2019 - Regardless the chance Art 50 is revoked, a second referendum is still considered the only way out of Brexit madness, the only one solution to restore legitimacy after the lies and crimes of the previous 2016 referendum. 

While the petition reaches over 4.6 mln signatures, people want to restore a trustful democratic process through a new vote in a country where de facto, the minority government is no longer in power. Many say if we stop Brexit without a second vote, the country would remain dangerously divided, while the certainty of a second legitimate vote where lies and fake propaganda are replaced with awareness of the truth and respect of electoral law, will be the basis for the way forward to fresh general elections.

Infighting within both the main two parties show it would  be even too early for national polls: Tom Watson is on stage and wants to 'Put it to the people', but the crowd sing in tune 'where's Jeremy Corbyn?' Asking whether or not it's pure strategy to gain remainers votes while the other side of Labour supports Brexit, does not stop the clock ticking and the only way to use the short time left is stopping Brexit, going to a second referendum and once legality is restored, call new general elections.


If Art 50 is revoked, would it still be the case for a second referendum?

Watch video interviews at the 'Put it to the People' historic rally in London 

London - It's the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The feeble light of the iconic candle of the international humanitarian organisation is the symbol of hope for justice.

The list of  the victims in every country of the world is endless. The reading includes 200 of them. Many killed, many tortured, many still waiting for justice, the ones Amnesty advocates for. 

"This year we held a special event - says Nick Hodgson, Secretary of Amnesty International Mayfair and Soho - because of the 70th anniversary of the Declaration which is a key document for Amnesty International. To celebrate we have linked the names of the individuals and the correspondent article violated  and we have read the entire Universal Declaration".

The remembrance takes place each year so their names are kept alive in our memory. Names which add up to daily new cases Amnesty is fighting for, in and out national and international courts of justice.

The identity of a massacre: Amnesty International Mayfair and Soho names each victim of the violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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British and sevenfold: the key words to understand what happened at the rally in London 

It was evident people at the massive rally for the People's Vote were for the most part British citizens. Rallies and protests against Brexit have been organised initially by EU citizens addressing concerns over citizenship rights and related issues after the exit from the EU. Over the last months, the British public, whether voters or not, regardless they voted to leave or remain, of all ages, social, cultural, regional backgrounds, started to think differently and understand the major points of concerns related to Brexit: the causes, the powers and lobbies behind it, the (already hitting) consequences, the structural risk for the whole economy and new generations.

Over four months the People's vote army has seen a sevenfold increase: from the 100.000 of last June rally to 700.000 of October 20th. Their call for a second referendum draws a sharp line between a previous referendum sold by irresponsible politician as a 'choice of liberty' only for political/electoral purposes, and a new fresh referendum as a result of the peoples' will. From the interviews emerge serious concerns of the young who see their future opportunities to work and study already damaged and compromised, and the bitter awareness of men, women, families, elderly disappointed from a political system which through the Brexit revealed its real identity of votes collection hi-tech machine. 





 20 OCTOBER 2018 

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700.000 ask a second referendum to remain in EU- photos

From the rally: Sturgeon, Khan, Umunna, Cable , Lucas

Interviews from the previous rally in London 23 June 2018

More than 100.000 people from across the UK and EU marched to ask a vote on the final Brexit deal

​The high turnout at the rally in London showed clearly also people who voted leave want a final vote as now became aware of the dangers of Brexit in the wake of the evidence of long term risks and immediate consequences of exiting the single market and the number of treaties through which the EU has ensured peace across our continent from more than half a century.

Many people came from constituencies where leave vote prevailed and said had to suffer of a decision impacting their daily lives and the future of their families


Thomas Cole (Open Britain): “The Parliament has to listen to the people”.

Open Britain along with eight more citizens’ rights movements and organisations, launched a Petition to ask the People’s vote on the final Brexit deal which already reached more than 228,424 signatures. 

But what if the chaotic and conflicting British Parliament and MPs overturn the chance of this final vote? 

Thomas Cole, head of Policy and Research at Open Britain said “The Parliament has to listen to people. A process had been started with the Referendum two years ago and now is right people are allowed to look at the end result”.

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