London, 19 June 2019  - Mark Gino Francois, Tory Member of the British Parliament for Rayleigh and deputy chair of the far right Conservative think tank European Research Group, today has bullied with death threats Mr Steve Bray, a man symbol of the anti-Brexit stances in the UK and abroad, who with his pacific and permanent presence around the Houses of Parliament represents with grace, moral strength, dignity and sense of humour the commitment of remainers and EU citizens to stopping Brexit.

Mr Steve Bray was peacefully asking Francois a comment related to Boris Johnson’s leadership race, when this answered “I tell you what, in the nicest possible way,  we are signing your death warrant, on the 31st of October you're out of a job”. “Is that a threat?” a woman taking the video asked him? But Francois did not answer and closed the door. The video of the scene has been posted on Twitter by Steve Bray receiving both likes of approval of the Conservative MP’s behaviour on the one side, and outraged concerns of many on the other calling Steve Bray, alias ‘Mr Stop Brexit’, to report the death threat to the MET Police.

The death threat and the “we are signing a death warrant” are not just a serious offence themselves in case anybody used them against any normal citizen...

These are a serious offence also because one MP, a Parliament representative used his power to intimidating and threaten with death (whether real or metaphorical), a person who de facto symbolizes British and EU citizens’ peaceful anti Brexit choice, furthermore threatening European residents of losing ‘a job’ after 31st of October, date of the exit.

Why this fact is so serious and able to cause dreadful consequences:

Conservative MP Mark Gino Francois threatening Mr Steve Bray: "We are signing your death warrant, on the 31st of October you're out of a job".

Francois’ words are more violent of any statement made by Farage or extreme right groups so far, as he is addressing the lives and jobs security of EU citizens. If these words are not taken into account and punished as deserved, not just far right groups, but wider Brexit sustainers will feel more incited to use this language and pass to facts and actions against remainers and EU citizens. This is the actual danger.

The word ‘warrant’ incite policing and authoritarian means of persecuting a set of national minorities residing in the UK.

The fact on Twitter many underplayed the actual gravity of this act, does not mean competent authorities and MPs themselves should not act according to the law and to a sense of decency in order to prevent escalation of violence in the country.

These violent and threatening words and behaviour must be condemned by the British Parliament asap. The Human Rights committee should be called to analyse and put under scrutiny the legal breaches of this vile act delivered with baldly attitude and disrespect of basic civil rights and of the dignity of the individual.

As the video shows, the behaviour of this Conservative MP is an abuse of his position of power against an helpless person asking him an innocent not even provocative question. People over these hours are giving their opinions of what happened, but in a democracy what it counts is the respect of the law and the capacity of the institutions to take power to account. We call not just the parliament, but MET police as well to defend Steve Bray and all those who identify themselves in his peaceful anti Brexit stance. Defending him sets an important precedent and means defending British democracy and its reputation within and beyond borders.


A conservative MP threatening the peaceful Mr Stop-Brexit
"We are signing your death warrant, on the 31st of October you're out of a job".

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