London 28 Nov 2019 - The main British homelessness charities, Crisis,  Shelter, Depaul, Centrepoint, St Mungo's launched an appeal to politicians for a cross-party plan to tackle and end finally homelessness whith the clear understanding that all sectors are involved because responsibilities for 350.000 homeless and the shame of young sleeping rough rely in the lack of fair laws and social justice. 

At this stage lawmakers are those who firstly have to give answers to real estate deregulation, a banking system relying on interest rates on debts and mortgages, a scale of money laundering through real estate investments never seen before, especially in London, a construction sector dominated by the speculation on luxury flats with no respect of percentages for social and affordable housing, the progressive reduction of the rights of tenants, laws on eviction determining debt and people ending in the streets.

Jon Sparkes, CEO at Crisis, explained the call is open to all parties. The main component  a mayor policy on social housing, level housing benefits to rent costs, support for services that help people exiting homelessness to become independent and security on the private renting sector.


He started the round table with the LibDem leader Jo Swinson, the first so far who answered the call, with this words "homelessness is growing".

The round table at the Skyline shelter where a young woman told about her past of abuse and exclusion while asylum seeker made all face what the consequences of political irresponsibility are. Ten years of denial of basic rights under the Tories have to lead on the path of change with new laws and rules.


"I find absurd asylum seekers are not allowed to work" Jo Swinson said adding "we should extend the time of transitional support to those seeking asylum" in order to allow them to create the precondition of self independence and finally obtain right to asylum.  


The sudden attention of all opposition parties' to homelessness and housing crisis since the election campaigns describes in hundreds of thousands: Labour pledged to build 100.000 council houses a year. the Greens promised to build 100,000 new zero carbon homes for social rent each year, LibDems 300.000


Greg Beales. Director of Communications, Policy & Campaigns. at Shelter asked about the actual deliverability of the ambitious plan.  


"We have to identify land, and possibilities of access to land" said Swinson explaining the devolvution of new powers to local authorities will contribute to fund the plan. 

Let's get end of homelessness done. 

Charities launch cross-party call, Swinson first to answer

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