At few days form the NATO summit, next 4 December in ...., Chuka Umunna, LibDem Shadow Foreign Secretary currently running as MP for the Cities of London and Westminster Constituency, announces that if in government "LibDems will ensure the UK upholds our NATO responsibilities, including by spending 2% of GDP on defence.  This 2% will be worth almost £1 billion more in 2024-25 than under a Tory government because, using the 'Remain Bonus', we will enhance the UK’s ability to play our part in NATO and maintain our security.

London- In a general election where electorate's choice is based on stances on exiting the EU, you might think foreign politics and future relations with other countries are at the center of the political debate. 

It's the opposite: the daily bid on how much each party is promising will spend on NHS, tax cuts, hundreds of thousands of new homes, is making clear Brexit is nothing else than the consequence of austerity and money diverted from public services to interests of powerful  elites.  


Today Chuka Umunna is bringing back this reality on the front pages explaining how it  is vital for Britain to keep its role of bridge between US and EU. 

Brexit has not been =determined by a change in foreign politics, but it has from three year the harsh consequence of causing dramatic changes in Britain's relations not just with the EU, but with the US risking "to become the vassal of America" Umunna said, and with Russia threatening our democracy: Boris Johnson has to publish the report on Russian hidden interference" LibDem shadow Foreign Secretary said asking "What Johnson has to hid about the report?

Bringing back Foreign Politics at the heart of electoral debate 

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