Brussels - Lost in the magnificent parks of Val d’Oise? No problem: you can connect through Debitex and Vortex, The Ultra-Fast Broadband project carried through two Public Initiative Networks is one of the five winning project of the European Broadband Awards 2018. These two Networks will deploy FTTH connection to over 123.000 sites, including 108.000 houses and 15.000 businesses and public sites. The Val d'Oise Ultra-Fast Broadband Project won for the category Openness and competition. Through these networks, French local authorities have been able to constitute their own dedicated networks, such as the interconnection of public sites and the development of CCTV. The 80% of the deployments are completed, and the remaining 20% are expected to be finalised in 2020.

The community-built project in Wales, United Kingdom, realised by the Michaelston-y-Fedw Internet Community Interest Company, won for the category Innovative models of financing. Volunteers and local contractors installed 1Gbps upload and download FTTP in the region: a core team of 40 volunteers from the local community have generously given their time and effort in all the activities saving hundred of thousands of euros. Local Businesses can now operate more efficiently and effectively from wherever they are based in our service area, they can send and receive large files, use video conferencing and cloud storage with ease. 

Cost reduction and co-investment in a future proof infrastructure: with the project Welcoming Sunne to the Network of the Future, Sweden met the EU category as the local municipality of Sunne, North East of Stockholm, dismantled the old copper network and replaced it with fibre and mobile networks in collaboration and co-investment with Telia. This will give Sunne a digital infrastructure that is ready for the ever-increasing demand for speed and capacity. The infrastructure will give Sunne a digital infrastructure that will enable people and businesses operating in the area to grow.

A wide ranging and ambitious project that will deliver access to high speed broadband network to schools by 2020 and households by 2021 across all Poland connecting remote, rural and sparsely populated areas. The Polish public funded project Poland enters gigabit society won the medal for the category Territorial cohesion in rural and remote areas. More than 1.7 million households in excluded areas without any prior broadband internet access or poor services will be provided with a high speed network, which will bring new opportunities for communication, work, education and culture in remote areas. More than 68% of all households in project are situated in places with less than 5000 locals.

Socio-economic impact and affordability: Mand-ø is a very small island (110 houses) located in the Wadden Sea, UNESCO world heritage area in Denmark; thanks to the Broadband for "Mand-ø" – Connecting the UNESCO world heritage “Wadden Sea”, all the inhabitants now have access to a fast broadband from the private provider SE/Stofa. Local community volunteers gathered support for the project among inhabitants on the island, which raised expectations for very high penetration rates. Following rejection from the Danish broadband state aid scheme for large parts of “Mand-ø”, SE/Stofa chose to finish the project as a completely private project with no state aid, due to the expectations for high penetration rates.

Justine de Braeme

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