London, 1 April 2020 - Today Tory led British government announced that 2.000 NHS staff have been tested for coronavirus. In order to understand the irrelevance of the figure we have to think that the total number of NHS staff is around 1.5 million.

Since the pandemic is hitting  the country, doctors and nurses are saving lives on the frontline without being tested and with no protective equipment risking to get the virus and die. Four of them so far lost their lives on the battlefield after getting infected in the hospital environment. The simple fact that hospitals in the UK, and in England in particular, are places where contagion is spreading, therefore dangerous places, is a scandal, a plague itself.

Test, test, test: in England hospitals are more 

infectious than Wuhan wet market 

London, 23 March 2020 - As we have seen over this weekend, many British people gathered in parks and holiday spots then gaining the tag of ‘selfish’. But they all not just put at risk others lives, but their own, so ‘irresponsible’ and 'not informed' are more appropriate adjectives.

Evidently many are unaware of what the words ‘incubation period’ mean. And the fault for this ignorance is not totally attributable to them, but principally to institutions and mainstream media.

Too few information in fact has been delivered on coronavirus incubation period: the time frame of latency starting from when we catch the virus until we feel and show symptoms. This period lasts from 1 to 14 days; on the average it can last 5 days.

COVID-19 symptoms, like persistent cough, high fever, respiratory illness (and other symptoms, like diarrhea, shown in a smaller percentage of cases) can take up to two weeks to show.

That means even if you catch coronavirus, over two weeks you might still look and feel healthy, without being aware of having the disease and feeling like going to the seaside or walking your dog in the nearest park (if this is allowed).

But while walking past somebody you could infect this person (or more than one) with your droplets which are not visible or controllable either, and this person could contract COVID-19 and later even die.

Bloomberg today (23 March 2020) reported that Iceland found half of those who tested (a meaningful percentage of its population) resulted positive with no symptoms. 

These people are silently, and unintentionally, spreading the virus. It’s also reported that classified data from China say that a third of those who tested positive to Covid-19 had delayed symptoms or none at all.

London, 21 March 2020 - Leaders over these days of emergency are talking about economy conversion from peace to war, implying that in order to tackle the ongoing pandemic, manufacturers should shift their production lines to what is urgently needed to hospitals to treat covid19 most serious cases and save lives: respiratory ventilators and intensive care units.


In the worst case scenario the NHS will need 20,000 more ventilators as now nearly 5000 adult ventilators and 900 for children are available in critical care facilities, BBC reports.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson compared the effort needed to what Great Britain did during WWII switching production from peace times to war and building the spitfires aircraft.

Many soon after answered him with a pragmatic set of evidence this is not feasible because ICU are complex machines with advanced software and hardware, you cannot turn for instance an aircraft engine production manufacturer into a pulmonary ventilator one because this requires expertise and materials these companies never used and now even not available for import given the emergency and the global demand grown exponentially over the last month and reduced export of machines components because countries are facing their own national Covid-19 emergency.

From a wartime polluting economy to a clean one.  Weapons, oil, aircraft manufacturers should switch their lines to the ones of a peacetime economy now that production is suspended and national and international support is available to fill the gap  and losses.  

The apparent impossibility of switching production in highly industrialised countries such as Britain where weapons manufacturers flourish and public healthcare is declining, rises the issue of the need for immediate change in the course of economy from wartime to peacetime.

Something is telling us we have to convert our wartime production line into a peacetime one  

This is the time to do it as we will never have financial compensation once again

London - Darwinism and evolution as exclusive outcome of natural selection is a theory that have always seduced British élite. Tories love this view rooted in the past and now muted into their main ideology, which is racism resulting into marginalisation, contempt for the weaker part of the society, ethic minorities, the poor, the homeless.


No surprise, then, that Tory best ‘treatment’ of COVID_19 is delegating the whole mess to the pitiless Mother Nature: the stronger will survive in the first season while the weaker will die, and next year those who became immune will protect the others from the virus.


The British population will now be considered as mice for the mass ‘herd immunisation experiment’ allowing them to freely enjoy the early spring coughing under blossoming trees and ‘impollinating’ their siblings with the deadly coronavirus and so celebrating the mating season. In fact if the 60% (36mln) population resists and the herd immunisation is successful, the majority of British next year will be a race stronger than others, because, instead of waiting for the vaccine (ready probably in ten months) like the rest of the world, the British only would have made a ‘natural step forward’. Maybe the Tories want to set a new strain of political science, or better, science subdued to political purposes.

Banksy: 'You lie', mouse.    © Banksy 2020 

Darwin, mice and coronavirus: a Tory-made strategy of science

slaved to politics

Cynicism from the government while the tragedy unfolds  

Brussels, 11 March 2020 - War in Syria: year nine. Some say EU members should take in all unaccompanied children from Syria, and not just part of them, as we can no longer allow children to be exposed to sufferance, disease, exploitation and human trafficking. As for the EU law in force now this is not a must, but it's what we should do for responsibility taking. That said Dublin Agreement must be changed urgently, even at the risk of gathering all EU MEPs and challenge coronavirus pandemic.  

This would not be just part of the non-refoulement principle (preventing refugees or asylum seekers to return to a country where they can be persecuted or risk life), and respect of Human Rights international law, but also a direct responsibility taking of a nine years civil war in Syria turned into international war where, along with US troops, some EU members as France, UK, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy backed Turkey against Assad.

As US and Italy have withdrawn, now only France, Denmark and UK (no longer in the EU) remained on the ground backing Turkey (plus the set of forces against Assad and Russia).

WAR IN SYRIA: UNHCR figures. Children in need: 8 million

Internally displaced children: 2.6 million. Total registered refugee children outside Syria: over 2.5 million

A new Dublin Agreement must bind countries

to take refugees from the wars they take part in

Massimo Moratti, Deputy Director European Office, Amnesty International


London, 25 Jan 2020  - The choice of not considering Julian Assange a prisoner of conscience is not definitive, but is an 'open position' that Amnesty can change subject to the developments of the Australian journalist's  trial.

On the evening of the first hearing, held at the Woolwich Crown Court next to the Belmarsh prison where the co-founder of Wikileaks is held in sole confinement with treatment amounting to torture, Massimo Moratti, Deputy Director of Europe at Amnesty International, explains Talk Europe in an exclusive interview at the orgnisation's Secretariat in London, that "if the US do not withdraw the charges, the UK is not under obligation to extradite him, as in US he could be exposed to torture, to inhumane treatment and also risk to face an unfair trial". 

"Amnesty retains - Moratti says - that those in possession of information of war crimes, like the ones contained in the Wikileaks files, have an obligation to disclose them. Whether Assange can be considered a prisoner of conscience is a research Amnesty should still consider".

"At the moment he is not considered a prisoner of conscience; then we will have to see how the trial evolves, it's quite complex and the amount of the information is quite huge".

Amnesty open to consider Assange 'prisoner of conscience' in the future.

Massimo Moratti:"We will have to see how trial evolves; it's complex and the amount of information quite huge"

Freedom for Assange = freedom of information 

It doesn't matter there were few hundreds in Parliament Sq, journalists now have to prove to have power to guarantee our rights and reach millions

London - On Saturday 22 February 2020 some of the artists who showed the world that Britain is (or was) a country where democracy makes possible to genius and talent to freely stand out and not get suppressed in the name of commercial and political interests, gathered in Parliament Sq to support Julian Assange and call for his liberation as "Julian is an innocent man": Roger Waters, Brian Eno, Vivienne Westwood, Chrissie Hynde, took the mic in defense of Wikileaks founder ahead of his trial Monday. With them the human rights activists and former Finance Minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, Wikileaks editor in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson, representatives of the National Union of Journalists and many other prominent figures supporting freedom of speech.    

John Shipton, Assange's father, from the stage with a feeble and moving voice, said the Wikileaks' founder is under increasing torture  from years as  the Human Rights rapporteur on torture confirmed: Brian Eno made reference to an interview to Nils Melzer on the Italian daily La Repubblica as a confirmation.  

DEA (Don't Extradite Assange campaign) rallies are taking place in 26 cities around the world. 

The City's Dragon can't stand up against a new CETA 

The politically motivated radical economic shift towards goods is just aimed at stabilising consensus  

London, 18 Feb 2020 - A new UK-EU free trade regime will be agreed, if all hurdles are overcome over the few months left.

The most likely option seems to be  the one EU has with Canada, meaning the services sector, which accounts for the 80% of UK's economy, will see an unprecedented contraction with huge job losses because that kind of trade agreement ends 98% of tariffs on goods, but leaves services, included financial ones, under the WTO regulation.  

Now, Brexit implies the explicit request from the political electorate for investments in the Northern region of the country and to disinvest in London, which became a global service producer thanks to workers coming from the EU. The services boom developed and expanded over thirty years also as marketing and communications globalised arm of multinationals.

WATCH INTERVIEW with Michael Berkowitz, Professor of Modern Jewish History at UCL.  Among his monographs 'The Jewish Self Image in the West' and 'Western Jewry and the Zionist Project'

London, 31 Jan 2020 - “The generation who lived the Second World War, like my own father who fought with the US Army in the Pacific, is dying, while new generations are losing the sense of what this conflict was; the number of Holocaust survivors still alive is also dropping. What we are facing today is the fact that younger generations haven’t this kind of experience of the past, therefore they are much more susceptible to squishing kind of thinking about the Nazism, the right wing”.

Michael Berkowitz, Professor of Modern Jewish History at University College London, explains how the gap between old and young generations, radicalism spreading on media and social media, and political interests determine the resurgence of antisemitism.

“All this - he goes on - helps to account for the craziness of Brexit: a generation of people who do not understand how Europe was actually put together, and what the rationale was after the war for why would be better these states to be more united than divided.''


The impact comes also from “changes in the way people get information through media, social media and cable all kinds of extremely marginal perspectives can take some kind of authority or claim to be true and move towards the center of the political discourse” he says, explaining that situation over the last years has worsened: “Ten years ago, for instance, the Charlottesville march with people visibly identifying themselves as Nazi or neo-Nazi wouldn’t have been even thinkable” and this has been "enabled by Donald Trump".

Generation gap, media and politics: three steps with

Prof. Michael Berkowitz to understand and defeat antisemitism  

London, 11 December 2019 -  There's not a more appropriate time to talk about Shout Out UK than over these troubled days of General Elections. Matteo Bergamini is founder and CEO of the London based organisation giving young people the tools they need to shape their future with a responsible and informed use of media and understanding of their connections with political systems.


Matteo has a lot to tell: from the 700 British schools hosting Shout Out UK's political literacy courses to this week's Daily Mail journalist attack to the video realised with Drillminister 'No vote no voice. #RegisterToVote'"the clip shows a man with an over sized pencil ticking a box showing to use the power of the vote - he explains - now the Daily Mail, for some bizarre reason, constructed as he is stabbing someone. We put out responses online and we got a ton of supporting  comments"

Many, Bergamini says, suggested that the Daily Mail's journalist comments were racially motivated therefore "they should be ashamed of this".

Learning to change our future with a big pencil.
Bergamini tells about Shout Out UK, politics and media literacy and why Daily Mail did not like the video 'No vote no voice'

London - Crisis is a charity where people believe homelessness can be ended. 

Its CEO Jon Sparkes launched an appeal for a cross-party manifesto along with the main British homeless charities, to ask all politicians to agree a common policy to tackle the issue. All parties during this extremely competitive electoral campaign, have pledged to build hundreds of thousands new homes per year.


"On its own the delivery of lots of new houses won't end homelessness, but as part of a package of interventions is hugely important. Our research says that England and Wales need 90.000 new social homes per year for the next 15 years", - Sparkles says - but this needs to be alongside other measures. With Shelter, Depaul, Homeless Link, Centrepoint, St. Mungo's, we asked several things in this elections: building social homes, change to housing benefits to ensure these meet the cost of housing, proper funding of homeless prevention services and regulation of private renting sector".  

Together we can end homelessness,

Crisis CEO Jon Sparkes tells how

"We need 90K social homes for the next 15 years, but building is not enough"

Did you know you're an organ donor unless you opt out?

The shameful new law tells you the organs being taken 'after your death', but this is a lie. 

The new Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill, or 'opt-out’ bill  prescribes 'If there is no recorded decision for you on the NHS Organ Donor Register, it will be considered that you agree to be an organ donor when you die'. The law will come into force from spring 2020.

This corresponds to silent assent, which we consider immoral and dangerous

The law de facto void the green option as automatically you will be registered as donor. You will be only able to opt out 

It is also incorrect and coercitive to state: after your death
"Choose this option to record a decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register NOT to donate your organs and tissue after your death. Please tell your family about your decision".

London - “If there is no recorded decision for you on the NHS Organ Donor Register, it will be considered that you agree to be an organ donor when you die”. These are the words published on NHS site announcing the new law by which we all are organ donors unless we declare the opposite.

We all should be ashamed of the country we live in and concerned about the new law coming into force from spring 2020: “all adults in England will be considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups. This is commonly referred to as an ‘opt out’ system or presumed consent. You may also hear it referred to as 'Max and Keira's Law', probably to soften the actual dramatic impact of the silent assent which makes you an organ donor without your consent.

Everybody has to get informed about the fact in order for an organ to be transplanted the donor has to be still alive, that means in a coma, brain dead or judged by medics as dying, therefore the words "when you die" to encourage unaware people to agree to donation are a blatant and dangerous lie.

This new scandalous law which got Royal Assent last March 15 2019 as Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill 2017-19, or 'opt-out’ billbetrays the will and dignity of the human and of the right to life of the person.


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