London, 19 Nov 2019 - The creation of at least 100,000 new socially rented homes a year is what everyone who is concerned about the tragedy of 350.000 homeless people in the UK wants to see realised, it’s the commitment those who care about others and not just about their own money and welbeing, want to hear from our politicians.

Homelessness in the UK is a national disgrace and the tangible effect of the radical politics of protection of property owners (the widest percentage of voters), banks interests and real estate speculation enacted by Tories over the last ten years.

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How the 'Green New Deal' could fix the housing crisis 

Paolo Gentiloni, new EU Commissioner for tax and Economic Affairs  VIDEO  © EP  European Union  

London 14 November 2019 - "The government is fighting this process (of justice) because the assassination of my mother cannot be disentangled from the corruption she was reporting on, people in power in Malta know this". Matthew Caruana Galizia talks about how the public inquiry into the murder of his mother risks to be hampered.  

His words have been one of the most impactful moments of this annual Trust Conference hosted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The Maltese government launched a public inquiry on the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia  last 19 September. 

"Any investigation designed to uncover the truth about my mother will also uncover the truth about corruption at high levels of government. So you can understand the sort of criminal motivation for preventing or stopping any mechanisms designed to deliver full justice for the assassination". 

A living lesson of freedom of speech himself, Mathew Caruana Galizia, investigative journalist as well, answered questions from Rebecca Vincent, UK Bureau director for Reporters Without Borders. 

"Our duty is to take lessons from this - he said - from what was done to my mother and this can only come out of the process of a public inquiry where we investigate how my mother's murder could have been prevented how people in public office failed their duty to prevent that murder, what can be changed to stop this from happening again", said the son of the murdered reporter.

'Paying the Price for Free Speech' was one of the main focuses of the Conference along with 'Fake News, Elections and Democracy'. 

Richard Allan VP of Policy Solutions at Facebook answered many questions about media regulation and preventing foreign interference during elections while speaking in the panel, moderated by Rasmus Nielsen director of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, and touching the bleeding wounds of media and information crisis. 

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Freedom of speech and fake news debates shake the public of  Thomson Reuters Foundation Conference

Caruana Galizia' son: 'criminal motivations to try to stop the murder inquiry'  

Paolo Gentiloni, new EU Commissioner for tax and Economic Affairs  VIDEO  © EP  European Union  

London 12 Nov. 2019 - The actual cross-party electoral manifesto should be the one tackling homelessness. International charity Crisis' CEO Jon Sparkes  wrote today a letter on The Times calling all politicians to end the national scandal of at least 350.000 people sleeping rough or in temporary accommodations. 

"Our charities share a vision that homelessness can be ended and demand urgent action", Sparkes writes.

"Whoever forms the next government has the power to ensure that everyone in our society has the stability of a safe home, we need a plan that improves access to truly affordable housing by building at least 90.000 social homes a year for the next five years and bolster security of tenure for those renting in the private sector."

Also the universal credit and housing benefits are at the core of the issue. Sparkes along with Chief Executives of St Mungo's, Shelter, Homeless Link, Depaul UK and Centrepoint, ask "to ensure that housing benefits cover the full rent and do not force tenants into debt as rent arrears are the first cause of homelessness. 

"Today we are asking every candidate and party to adopt the Manifesto for Ending Homelessness and make homelessness a priority in #GE2019", says Jon Sparkes. 

All pages of The Times would't be enough to mention the complex and interconnected series of factors not just limited to austerity led cuts, but including private owners interests, banks and real estate unregulated market and their strong direct influence on government's choices and policies.


But the main focus is now crystal clear and the Manifesto to end homelessness synthesize the three main goals: 

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Crisis calls all politicians to end homelessness:

this should be the true cross-party manifesto  

Paolo Gentiloni, new EU Commissioner for tax and Economic Affairs  VIDEO  © EP  European Union  

We need to give homeless stable long term housing applying policies like the 'Housing first', not shelters where they only go to sleep overnight and where they can re-start their lives and start a path of social re-integration.

We are not going to ask Brussels more funds; money is there and there's a lot. We have to make better use of available funds. The previous EU legislature destined funds to short term needs like food and clothes which can be taken from the recycling chains instead.  

"EU funds should target housing needs to end homelessness" 

says Italian fio.PSD president Avonto

London, 23 Sept. 2019 - “London’s diversity is a key part of what makes our city so special. We have seen how EU Londoners have helped define our capital for generations and I’m proud to host a celebration in their honour at City Hall". 

In a climate of growing uncertainty and widespread hostileness, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan opened City Hall to EU citizens because 'We are all Londoners'.


The event 'celebrating our European culture and communities’ hasn't  been just a Saturday of solidarity with millions deprived of citizenship and political rights, but also a way to understand EU citizens from different countries must stick together, integrate each other more as the tougher challenges for them might have still to come.

Foreign languages tutors were all around: from 5 years old onward there's always the chance to learn.

But the most relevant part has been the free legal advice on Settle status provided by the New Europeans: many are still dubious as to whether taking the risk to be turned down and might remain in the shadow of the illegal status preventing them to find work as said by Barbara Drozdowicz, ceo of the East European Resource Centre while speaking of the impact of Brexit on EU Londoners.  

'We are all Londoners': one day in City Hall to understand
EU citizens must stick together and integrate more

Attacking separation of powers: how Tories are enacting constitutional chaos

More than 30 cross-party opposition MPs came out the Parliament to ask immediate re-open of Parliament. Lib Dem Leader Jo Swinson said "We have shown in the last ten days that we are able to work together as cross-party in the national interest and our resolve is we remain absolutely firm that we will do that".

On the day of verdict against Parliament shutdown, MPs are busier than ever: Mr Steve Bray, leading the permanent anti Brexit protest outside Parliament, said even the Speaker John Bercow was in. 

London, 11 Sept. 2019 - There's a sign constitutional crisis in the UK is being intentionally fomented and that it is worsening: pro-Brexit MPs are starting to attack independence of magistrates.

Right wing Conservatives, the ones who still support Johnson, did understand the verdict of the Scottish Court of Session (Inner House) ruling Parliament prorogation is against the law with a strong judgement, will lead to a loss of votes in the general elections they want to anticipate, and if upheld by the Supreme Court  next Tuesday, might lead to the fall of Johnson. 

Conservative Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng (education: Eton College) said at BBC Neill Young “many people are saying judges are biased, that judges are involved in politics. That's what people are saying." It's not clear as yet what part of the British society he is referring to as there are no figures related to this serious statement and allegations. 


He also said: "The more the courts get involved in politics that is of detriment not only to politics but also the courts" adding these are “interfering” with the Brexit process. 

Pitching people against magistrates while speaking from an undeserved space British state TV gave to a far right minister acting in defence a non elected PM sentenced in breach of the law, equates to voluntarily fuelling conflict and factionism. Specifically, the conflict between different factions of the society in the same country is called civil war.

Rome, July 2019 - It's beauty used to hide structural issues over centuries. No longer.

Ask people: locals, tourists, workers from overseas, professionals, and learn Rome is not blinding them anymore. It looks the beautiful scenario does not stand up the widespread problems. 

Ancient history, modern times and the present are deeply entrenched in the eternal city and you find out the truth both engraved into bright marbles, on a  post-it or over a light talk.

But monuments, statues, temples, churches talk about Rome's daily concerns too: from the statue of Giordano Bruno, the friar burned alive by the Roman Inquisition, to the fascist Dux balcony and more. Listen to Rio de La Plata, for instance: Bernini's most famous river of his Fountain in Piazza Navona sounds very sarcastic rising his scaremongering hand against the baroque facade of Sant'Agnese by his rival architect Borromini, right the same way Romans have always been with their chronically unstable governments and pompous, rhetoric-style politicians.

Or take a look to the faceless Pasquino: the ancient Greek statue has spoken caustic rhymes to the powerful from the 15th century, but politicians seem not up to criticism, nowadays. 


Listen to Rome's monuments; they have the whole story

Debunking hate speech. A talk with Riccardo Noury on the root causes of the human rights crisis in Italy where Amnesty is supporting Sea-Watch 3 captain Rackete

and fighting far-right  'social' propaganda.

Riccardo Noury, Amnesty International Italy spokesperson, talks days before the second hearing of Carola Rackete, scheduled next 18 July in Agrigento, Sicily. 

The conversation on the root causes of growing hate against NGOs involves Italian politics of business and interests prevailing over peoples' rights, a regime-style strategy of progressive abolition of the chance to even ask questions to politicians delivered trough one-way posts on social media and the consequent progressive marginalisation of reliable sources of information.  

Rome 10 July 2019 - Challenging far-right populism is tough job. It takes courage, consistency, hard work, and the skills to oppose hate speech, to replace fake information and propaganda with fact-checked reality, with the truth. Riccardo Noury tells us about an organisation working on the frontline now in support of Carola Rackete, the German captain of the migrants rescue vessel Sea-Watch 3 who dared to break Salvini's 'closed harbours' laws.

Previously acquitted from house arrests by magistrates, her case might set a legal precedent. She is charged with resistance to a warship for having rammed the Italian coastguard patrol boat while docking without authorisation at the Lampedusa pier. By not confirming her arrest, an Italian magistrate in Agrigento opened a way out of the anti-migrants Decreto Sicurezza.

In an exclusive interview to Talk Europe, Noury explains how Rackete is the point of convergence of a radicalisation of politics poisoning Italian society split into pro and against NGOs by a constant propaganda spreading on social media hate speech and criminalising those who help migrants, those who save lives at sea.   

London, 20 June 2019 - The British Government must suspend the licences for the sales of arms to Saudi Arabia used in the war in Yemen. The landmark verdict has been issued this morning by the judges of the Royal Court of Justice in London. Solicitors of the well know firm Leigh Day won the case brought to the court by CAAT, Campaign against arms trade. 

Solicitor Rosa Curling explains in the video the verdict favourable to the team led by QC Martin Chamberlain: "The verdict says the decision of the Secretary of State [for International Trade] on licences has been unlawful because the process has been done on an unlawful basis, the Secretary of State has to reconsider the decisions in relation to existing licences and in relation to the decision not to suspend licences. But on top of that we have and undertaking from the Secretary of State that no new licences would be granted in the meantime".

CAAT spokesperson, Andrew Smith said "Tens of thousands of people have been killed in a war supported by UK Government. Five billion pounds in bombs and jets have been spent for arms to Saudi used in Yemen creating an humanitarian catastrophe. This has been (the verdict) a brutal condemnation of UK foreign policy  and a strong judgement against it".

Asked by Talk Europe if the verdict is based on EU law Smith answered "As long as UK is in the EU is bound by EU common position and there is no sign the UK government is going to stop that. However as the law stopped the UK government from awarding any other licence this (verdict) may have to be taken on board by other countries as the UK is not the only arms exporter in Europe"


Landmark verdict: UK Government must stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia used in the war in Yemen. CAAT wins the battle with Leigh Day at Royal Courts of Justice

Status quashed

Video - European Parliament Plenary Sitting 2018: for the first time MEPs discuss measures to tackle poverty, 118 million citizens, nearly a quarter of total population. No decisions have been made as yet. 

Brussels, 27 May 2019 - 'Poor', not ‘divided’, is the word explaining the far-right parties surge and, more widely, what is happening in Europe. You might say, along with mainstream media, that UK, France, Italy after these EU elections are more divided countries, but division reflects democratic dynamics and different/opposite positions (whether on Brexit, immigration, single market). 

The actual divide we should be concerned about, instead, is not a consequence of views on EU, but of the growing wall separating one increasingly restricted and interconnected elite from the rest of the society in which middle class political influence, economic impact and social mobility are quashed.

Middle classes across the EU 28 are increasingly poor; overall the Union counts 118 million citizens in poverty, and those who are slightly above the narrow criteria set to define poverty line are not counted, therefore they are many more. Contract in its specific form of job contract and tenancy agreement is disappearing, that means the social contract itself is broken, therefore the role of trade unions keen to protecting only slices of societies protected by contracts, is over. On the basis of these facts, why voters in the UK should back the Labour Party and its traditional ally Unite the Union, and maintain a damaging status quo ?

The new Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill, or 'opt-out’ bill  prescribes 'If there is no recorded decision for you on the NHS Organ Donor Register, it will be considered that you agree to be an organ donor when you die'. The law will come into force from spring 2020.

This corresponds to silent assent, which we consider immoral and dangerous

The law de facto void the green option as automatically you will be registered as donor. You will be only able to opt out 

It is also incorrect and coercitive to state: after your death
"Choose this option to record a decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register NOT to donate your organs and tissue after your death. Please tell your family about your decision".

London - “If there is no recorded decision for you on the NHS Organ Donor Register, it will be considered that you agree to be an organ donor when you die”. These are the words published on NHS site announcing the new law by which we all are organ donors unless we declare the opposite.

We all should be ashamed of the country we live in and concerned about the new law coming into force from spring 2020: “all adults in England will be considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups. This is commonly referred to as an ‘opt out’ system or presumed consent. You may also hear it referred to as 'Max and Keira's Law', probably to soften the actual dramatic impact of the silent assent which makes you an organ donor without your consent.

Everybody has to get informed about the fact in order for an organ to be transplanted the donor has to be still alive, that means in a coma, brain dead or judged by medics as dying, therefore the words "when you die" to encourage unaware people to agree to donation are a blatant and dangerous lie.

This new scandalous law which got Royal Assent last March 15 2019 as Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill 2017-19, or 'opt-out’ billbetrays the will and dignity of the human and of the right to life of the person.

Did you know you're an organ donor unless you opt out?

The shameful new law tells you the organs being taken 'after your death',

but this is a lie. 


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